Before you begin using the Chainmail Patterns you should read this section thoroughly.

Chainmail, Armour, Swords, Humor, Costumes, Masks, The SCA Before you Begin

Winding and Cutting Links - The first step in creating chainmail is to prepare your materials. For most beginners I'd recommend just purchasing premade links, but for folks that want the full "chainmail experience" this section details how to make your own links.

Using Links - There's a very subtle art to putting links together properly. This section details tools and techniques I've developed over the past 21 years.

Pattern Symbols - This section is vital reading before attempting to create any pattern from this website or from Dylon Whyte's Art of Chainmail Tutorials. It details the system of symbols that I've created for illustrating the various patterns.

Art of Chainmail Masters Kit - The Original Book plus 11 Tutorials!

Art of Chainmail Masters Kit - The Original Book plus 11 Tutorials!

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