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Satisfied Customers and Endorsements of Dylon Whyte's Art of Chainmail

Art of Chainmail Masters Kit - The Original Book plus 11 Tutorials!

Art of Chainmail Masters Kit - The Original Book plus 11 Tutorials!

The following are all real comments from satisfied customers and fans of Dylon Whyte's Art of Chainmail. They have all been used with the permission of the author. If you have a comment or question about my work, then please email me.

"The vest has arrived and looks fantastic on and off! Thank you for all the work you put into the design and manufacture - it really is perfect."

Jenny Anderson, Dunedin, New Zealand

Proud Owner of this Stainless Steel Bustierre:
A Stainless Steel European Pattern Bustierre

"I want to thank you for the wonderful chain mail piece you did for us. My son really likes it & it looks great! Thanks again. Excellent work!"

"We're very satisfied with your work & would definitely go to you again if we want another item."

Caroline Goytia, Pittsburgh, PA

Proud Owners of this Coif:
A Dark Stainless Steel 16 Gauge Coif

"Dylon, the dress arrived today! It's wonderful!!! Really nice--really spectacular, and it fits fine. No, it will not be too heavy--and it will not hurt my shoulders."

Susan Holland, 3 Americas Project, USA

~The~ dress:
A Stainless Steel Open Japanese Pattern Dancing Dress

"Woo hoo! It arrived this afternoon. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being so gracious as to make adjustments and send it with such dispatch.

It has been such a pleasure to deal with you. I was entranced by the pictures on your website, but actually seeing the workmanship on the chainmail bra, I am absolutely amazed. It is beautiful all the way through, from the innovative design concept to the finest of details. And the page of instructions for the three points of adjustment was very clear and helpful."

Mariko Gjovig, Palo Alto, California, USA

Proud Owner of this Chainmail Brassiere:
A Stainless Steel Japanese Hana-Gusari Pattern Brassiere

"Hi, I got my coif today. It is perfect, you did a really good job on it.. If myself or anyone I know, wants any kind of chainmaille I know who to send them to...Again thanks alot.

I am really glad I had you do it for me... "

Andy, West Haven, Connecticut, USA

Proud Owner of this "Big Poppa Pump" Style Coif:
An Open-faced Coif in the Style of WCW Wrestler Big Poppa Pump - Scott Steiner

"Dylon, Just wanted to let you know that we received the Wizard's Mantle today, and it is just the best. My son is overjoyed with it and the fit is perfect. You really do a magnificent job. I wish I could be that creative. was worth it. Just to see the satisfaction on my son's face and to know that this mantle will last him for the rest of his life, and possibly a couple more generations. Thank you again for everything, and we promise to tell everyone we meet where we got it."


"Dylon, Feel free to use any or all of what I've sent to you for your 'Satisfied Customer's Page', because we are well satisfied with the Wizard's Mantle. It is one of the finest pieces of craftmanship that I've ever seen. And it was really a pleasure doing business with you. You kept us informed the whole time as to the progress of the work being done. So there was no guessing or wondering when or if we would ever see it. I know we were going on faith, but some how I felt that you were a person that could be trusted. And it's good to know that people can still be counted on in today's world. Thank you again for a superb product and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Your friends in Tennessee...

Russell Nauman and family, Cleveland, Tennessee, USA

Very Proud Owners of a Wizard's Mantle:
A Stainless Steel Wizard's Mantle

"I just got the chainmail, and I want to tell you that I am very pleased with the end results. Your craftsmanship is outstanding. Thank you for working with me on my special request. The loops for the belt are just right too!"

Joe Schmid, Fort Gordon, Georgia, USA

Proud Owner of This Pouch:
A Stainless Steel Japanese Hana-Gusari Pattern Belt Pouch with Fabric Lining

and Silver Serpent Set:
A Stainless Steel Silver Serpent Pattern Necklace and Bracelet Set

"...was delighted to receive the handflower you sent on thursday. It is as well-crafted a piece as I had expected, and far lighter than I'd imagined. I am well pleased with it, sir, and thank you again for all your trouble."

Ken Sitton, North Carolina, USA

Proud owner of this handflower:

"After an exhaustive search on the internet to find a site that sold chainmail, I arrived at Kusari's Lair. His website immediately stood out as exceptional in terms of the variety of merchandise offered and the quality as appeared in the photos and the price.

I ordered a chainmail coif and in corresponding over the specifications of my order, I found, to my great delight, that I had located a true craftsman. Kusari is a blacksmith who takes great pride in and care with his creations.

When the coif arrived, (in a very timely fashion), I was in awe of the intricacy of the work. It molded perfectly to my head and shoulders and loked as if it had sprung directly from the middle ages.

I look forward to many years of ordering similar items from Kusari. His skill, dedication, and creativity stand alone in this field!"

Karen Appel, Abington, Pennsylvania, USA

Proud owner of a galvanized steel coif:
A Chainmail Coif in Galvanized Steel with Full Camail

"I personally own a suit of mail made by Dylon, and must say it is really impressive. It really was worth the wait and pain of explaining what exactly it was to Italian customs!"

Paolo Falco, Torino, Italy

Proud owner of this galvanized shirt and coif combination:
A Full Chainmail Suit

"The chainmail belt arrived this afternoon--it is beautiful! A tribute to your skill and workmanship. In addition, it fits my wife perfectly. I want to thank you, again, for all of your efforts. Rest assured that she will wear it with her SCA costume and we will tell all that inquire that it is a piece of artwork rendered by Dylon Whyte--master chain worker."

Paul D. Petroff, Michigan City, Indiana, USA

Proud owner of this stainless steel chainmail belt:
A Heavy-duty Chainmail Belt

"Dylon has made me some excellent items and I adore them and have gotten many compliments on them."

Dana Clark, Hanmer, Ontario, Canada

Proud owner of this lady's chainmail top:
A Lightweight Lady's Top

"My customers like your handflowers."

Andy Moore, Clearwater, Florida, USA

Fancy Handflower Sample:
A Custom Wizard's Finger Gauntlet

"I think I've gotten the most use out of the chainmail vest I bought from Dylon than anyone I know! I've used it for SCA, Amtgard and friends have used it for various school projects. Heck, i even wear it to help build leg muscles. Truly money well spent.

Shayne Beausoleil, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

"I have had my European Necklace Pouch for close to a year now. It appealed to me because of the flow and sheen of the metal. Dylon Whyte's skills and talents at knitting metal are impressive indeed. Each time I have worn it, someone has tried to walk away with it. I hope to collect more as time goes by."

Barbara Mudd, Richmond, Virginia, USA

Proud owner of this European chainmail neck pouch:
European Pattern Stainless Steel Neck Pouch

"I ordered some chainmail from this site, and the quality and speed it was given to me was excellent. In a few words: It kicks ass."

Eric Humphreys, Kitchener, Ontario, CA

"It's nice to see someone so friendly. I emailed Dylon for advice on attaching chainmail sleeves to a leather jacket just out of the blue one day, and he sent a great reply immediately. The leather looks wonderful. I can write him for any discussion anytime and he always responds, too!"

Ellen Barman, 'Chainmaille by Ellen', USA

"Love your page! It has nice flavour. Yes, by all means, link my page to yours. I especially enjoyed the shirt made out of lock washers. I believe you are psychotic."

Thak the Armourer, Ontario, Canada

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