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I live in an area that has limited access to just about everything. Because of this I have done quite a bit of research into various mail order companies that provide supplies of interest to chainmail makers.

I have divided these suppliers into two lists:

The first is Recommended Suppliers. These are companies that I have dealt with directly and been pleased with their products and service. I have not been paid or compensated for these reviews in any way.

The second list is other companies that I have come across or been told about over the years. I haven't dealt with any of these companies and therefore cannot recommend their products or service beyond the fact that they would seem to carry materials of interest.

If you are a supplier or know of any suppliers that would be of interest please email me with the details. Additionally you may feel free to send me catalogs and/or product samples for my review and possible recommendation.

My snail mail address is:

Dylon Whyte
Box 41
Gore Bay, ON
P0P 1H0

Hopefully I will be updating these lists on a regular basis, please come back often!

Recommended Suppliers

Pre-made Chainmail Links

2334 Lansdowne Ave
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
S7J 1G9
Phone : (306) 343 - 1892

With a dedicated commitment to supreme customer service, hyper-fast shipping, competitive pricing and excellent links, this Saskatoon-based pre-made link supplier has quickly shot to top of my recommended supplier list. Not only have they done what no supplier has accomplished previously by offering precision saw-cut stainless steel links (which believe me is no mean feat!), they also have an extensive line of other saw-cut links, including bright aluminium and anodized titanium. Very accommodating and willing to work with clients to get things right, I can't say enough good things about this excellent outfit!

Pre-made Precious Metal Chainmail Links

Spiderchain Jewelry
P.O. Box 20336
Castro Valley, CA

Not only does this site feature great precious metal chainmail jewelry, but they also supply absolutely fabulous saw cut precious metal links in many sizes, so that you can make your own chainmail jewelry. I cannot recommend Spider's links with any higher accolade, they are simply the finest quality precious metal links that I've had the pleasure of working with.

Pre-made Chainmail Links

West Coast Chainmail
PO BOX 3382
Livermore, CA
West Coast Chainmail

Originally Miron's Maille Manufactory, WCC provides an excellent selection of saw cut rings for the budget minded armour or jewelry maker looking to work in brass, copper, galvanized steel, aluminum and nickel silver.

Jewelry Findings and Supplies

Rings & Things
214 North Wall Avenue - Ste. 990
P.O. Box 450
Spokane, WA
Orders : (800) 366 - 2156
Phone : (509) 624 - 8565
Fax : 509 838 2602

Excellent supplier of beads, jewelry findings and more! Highly Recommended!

Jewelry Findings and Supplies

Fire Mountain Gems and Beads Jewelry Supply
One Fire Mountain Way
Grants Pass, Oregon
Customer Service: (800) 423 2319
Orders: (800) 355 2137
Fax Orders: (800) 292 3473

This site has a large selection of beading and jewelry making components. Of note are their precious metal split links.

Split Rings, Scale Plates and Jump Links

Worth Manufacturing Company
P.O. Box 88
214 Sherman Ave.
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
Phone: (715) 344-6081
Fax: (715) 344-3021

An excellent company from Wisconsin supplying custom fishing lure components. Worthco offers a wide selection of interest to chainmail weavers, including split links (used for really strong mail, check out those Magnesium "X2" links!), stainless jump links and a huge variety of plates appropriate for scale Lamellar armours. Worthco is great to deal with, not one of those big companies that refuses to deal with "the little guy", highly recommended!

Blacksmith Supplies

Centaur Forge, LLC.
P.O. Box 340
117 North Spring Street
Burlington, WI
Phone : (262) 763 - 9175 (Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm)
Orders : (800) 666 - 9175 (Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm)
Fax : (262) 763 - 8350

This is the only fully-fledged blacksmith supplier that I know of. They have some essential smithing supplies, such as cross-pean hammers and didymium safety goggles, along with a great supply of anvils and forges. They also carry an extensive book collection.

Split Rings

Elvee Rosenberg Inc.
11 West 37th Street
New York, NY
Phone : (212) 575 - 0767
Fax (212) 575 - 0931

While this company mainly deals in beads, crystals, faux pearls and other jewelry parts, their "Gampel Supply" Division is of particular interest to chain crafters. Their catalog includes many goodies, plated jump links suitable for low-end chainmail jewelery, plated oval jumps links which could be used for unusual projects and excellent split rings which are perfect for creating amazingly strong chainmail.


Lee Valley Tools Ltd.
1090 Morrison Drive
Ottawa, Ontario
K2H 1C2
Phone : (800) 267 8767
Fax (800) 668 1807

A Canadian company that specializes mostly in wood working tools. From time-to-time they have items of interest to chainmail makers, such as jewelry pliers, tool grip tape and rubber coatings.


Mac Tools
4635 Hilton Corporate Drive
Columbus, Ohio
Toll Free (800) 622 8665

This company has an amazing assortment of tools. Of particular interest to chainmail makers is their extensive stock of pliers and cutters. Their cable cutters were recommended to me as an alternative to the bolt cutters that are commonly used to make chainmail links. The tools are very well made but I wasn't overly impressed by their cut. Of course I just may be too fussy about my links.

Anodized Niobium Links

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc.
P.O. Box 890
600 First North Street
Clarkdale, AZ
Phone : (520) 634 3434
Fax : (520) 634 6734

A rather fun company that specializes in titanium and niobium jewelry bits. Both titanium and niobium can be easily anodized to a huge array of colours, niobium has the bonus of being hypoallergenic. I was finally able to obtain some samples of their coloured niobium jump links. Although limited in size, their jump links are perfect for making funky coloured chainmail jewellery. This company was a pleasure to deal with and my order was received promptly. They also sell all the tools and materials neccesary for anodizing your own metals.

Precious Metal Jewelry Findings and High Quality Tools

Rio Grande
7500 Bluewater Road NW
New Mexico
Toll Free: (800) 545 6566

These guys have a simply amazing catalog of just about any supply you could think of for jewelry making. Of interest to chainmail makers will be their precious metal wire, along with an wondrous assortment of findings. Their selection of other precious metals, gems and jewels is also incredible. They also have a second huge catalog of jewelry tools, including a mind-boggling assortment of pliers and cutters, they even have small, work table sized anvils. In general they are a pleasure to deal with, shipping, while slightly expensive, is prompt.

Pre-made Chainmail Links

Creative Maille LLC
166 N Causeway
N Muskegon, MI
Phone : (231) 578 2977

Formally the finest supplier of anodized aluminium links, Creative Maille LCC has now gone out of business. The former owner of Creative Maille, Steven Donley, of Muskeegon, Michigan, was also "kind enough" to take off with nearly $450 dollars of my money for links that were never delivered. In fact, all communication ceased with this company shortly before their sudden departure from the pre-made link scene, so no refund of my investment or explanation was ever offered. A true Caveat emptor.

Suppliers that I haven't dealt with, but sound promising.

Urban Maille ChainWorks
PO Box 682
Pine, CO

Phone: (303) 838-7432

This jewerly quality link supplier looks like the place to go for wide selection of pre-made jump rings in a variety of very fancy materials.

Metalliferous, Inc.
34 West 46th Street
New York, NY
Toll Free: (888) 944-0909
Phone: (212) 944-0909
Fax: (212) 944-0644

A full-service, fully-stocked supplier of metal, tools, and supplies to jewelers, crafters, hobbyists, metalworkers, sculptors, and everyone else interested in metalworking and jewelry.

Inch of Gold, Inc.
3975 Investment Lane
West Palm Beach, Florida
Toll Free: (800) 854-3434
Phone: (561) 842-3103
Fax: (561) 842-5572

This supplier of gold jump links came to me from a trusted source, I'm looking forward to trying their links as my budget allows.

The Armchair Armoury
49 Doods Road
Reigate, Surrey
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1737 248662
+44 (0)77 131 04746
+44 (0)7773 887764

This is the only ring supplier that I know of in the UK. They seem to have a fine selection of link types, as well as metal plates for lamellar armour types.

Seton Worldwide Safety and Identification Solutions

A Canadian safety supplier and the only North American mail-order supplier of industrial chainmail gloves that I am aware of.

Perfect Fit Glove

A new supplier of of machine-made chainmail for the industrial safety industry. They offer a selection of chainmail gloves, sleeves and butcher's aprons.

B. W. Darrah, Inc.
115 S. 4th Avenue
St. Charles, IL 60174
Phone : (630) 584-1900
Fax : (630) 584-2599

I recieved the following quote from one of the owners of this company, it seems appropriate and shows great promise:

"The B. W. Darrah Tool Shop features a select line of spring cutting tools that are very useful for creating chainmail. The KN7101-200 and KN7111-200 center cutters are popular for this use as well as the KN7401-250 side cutter. There are a number of other cutters that may be of interest - all are intended for cutting hard wires such as springs and piano wire. The feedback we have received from chainmail folks has all been very positive. They tell us that these cutters last much longer than other tools they have used."

Imperial Smelting Refining Company of Canada Ltd.
451 Denison Street
Markham, Ontario
L3R 1B78
Phone : (905) 475 9566
Fax : (905) 475 0703

This Canadian company was recommended to me as a source of precious metal wire.

Foreign Source Ltd
Providence, Rhode Island
Phone : (401) 467 2330
Fax : (401) 467 6006

A finding supply company with some interesting looking clasps and sterling silver jump links.

National Chain Group
55 Access Road
Warwick, Rhode Island
Phone : (401) 732 6200
Fax : (401) 738 1684

This company produces a beautiful catalog of precious metal chains. While not of any particular use to chainmail makers, the patterns are nice to look at and can be inspirational.

P.O. Box 2089
Sonoma, CA
Toll Free

Mainly a gemstone supply company, Amulet also features some interesting chain and clasp combinations.

Busy Bee Tools
355 Norfinch Drive
North York, Ontario
M3N 1Y7
Phone (800) 461 2879

A Canadian tool supply company. They stock many interesting metal working tools, such as drill presses, metal cutting bandsaws and metal lathes, not to mention all the small tools that you'd expect as well.

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