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Everything you need to learn, sell and teach chainmail from quarter century veteran Dylon Whyte. With over 50,000 books in print, including The Art of Chainmail, Chain Mail Jewelry and Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry, Dylon is one of the most well-respected authors on the topic of chains, mail, chainmail, chainmaille and maille. A relaxing and profitable hobby that combines the best aspects of medieval carnage with knitting in exotic materials such as gold, sterling silver, pure copper, bright or anodized aluminum, titanium, niobium, neoprene, jewelry brass or even armour-grade split rings.

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"I've purchased your book recently. Your information is both comprehensive and easy to understand. I have been able to make some truly beautiful pieces. I certainly will continue to purchase any future books. I lost both my parents in 2012 and I am disabled I have been depressed. Since I've begun making chainmail my spirit has been lifted. Thank you for that." Sent from my NOOK

The Art of Chainmail Masters Course: How to be a Chainman and Not Chained by The Man

Create anything your heart desires! Scott Steiner-style Coifs, to Belts, Shirts, Gloves, Hauberks and Hosen for your local Live Action Role-Playing Group! Brassieres, Bustiers, Pouches, Bracelets, Necklaces, Anklets, Earrings and all manner of unique and original jewelry pieces.

Medieval Chainmail Coif by Dylon Whyte's Art of Chainmail

Teach friends and family for fun and profit!

Suitable for post-puberty OCD, ADHD, ADD minds looking for discipline, grounding, centering, balancing, patience, perseverance, forbearance, diligence, adaptation, improvisation and general creative thinking combined with true marketing know how.

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The Art of Chainmail Volume 1 European Patterns Digital 5th Edition; After a decade in print this is still considered to be the definitive tome on the topic of the European Family of chain patterns. Available now digitally for the first time!

All 11 Art of Chainmail Tutorials! Including Beginner to Advanced Projects; 1 in 3 Half Persian, Double Half-Persian, Double Spiral, Fieldstone, Full Persian, Garter Belt, Ormlšnk (Viking or 1 in 4 Half-Persian), Persian Star, Rings of Saturn, Silver Serpent, Sweet Pea.

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Currently included are The $hitch Issue 1, Affirmations ~ Collected Works of Irony, THE ~IT~ CHING!, 419 ~ A Fictionalized Novella Based on Actual Events, 64 Shades of Bacomegle - Looking For Two Strangers... and The Tragedy of the Asia.

Who is Dylon Whyte? Click to find out more about this rather pragmatic if enigmatic and forever capricious; yet never dogmatic neomodern poet-philosopher, barely-humourous speculative fiction author and part-time stand-up comedian.

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