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Locks Lodge - Some interesting and cool jewelry in lots of different chain patterns.

Dave's Chainmail Construction - A great resource put together by a fellow Ontarian. The site features several facinating patterns that were entirely new to me.

Davidchain Jewelry Design - Home of Scott David Plumlee, fellow chainmmail author and jewelry designer, specializing in Byzantine pattern variations.

Hampus Samuelsson´s Chainmail Bible - An expanding resource for folks interested in more information on how to make various chainmail patterns. I am excited to see some of the more esoteric patterns that are to be posted on this site.

Infinite Chain - Another excellent and varied chain weaver!

Inlay Patterns - A neat resource for chainmail inlays.

Link'ol·o·gy - Home of Bonita Evans, good friend of Dylon's from out west and excellent chain designer.

M.A.I.L. (Maille Artisans International League) - An international group of artisans dedicated to the advancement of maille art. Their aim is to create new techniques, weaves and patterns, expanding the knowledge of both novice and accomplished maillers, as well as increasing public awareness and introducing more people to the art of maille. (In other words, my kinda folk!)

Maile of the Dreamseeker - An excellent and varied chain weaver!

Mystic Chains - A Dylon inspired chain weaver, be sure to check out the dragonscale necktie!

Mjodvitnir - This website from Denmark has some very cool silver chain jewelry (Smykker) and chainmail instructions in Danish (Brynje).

Sara's Chainmail Connection - The best directory of chainmail related sites on the Internet!

Spiderchain Jewelry - Beautiful and highly original chainmail jewelry!

The Chao Pasture - A unique Erisian chainmail designer that specializes in fascinating baskets. Unfortunately this site is no longer updated! Chao, where are you!?

Things from Rings - Dave and Judy Foley, good friends of Dylon who sell and teach chainmail on the ren faire circuit.

Arms and Armour

Arms of Valor, Ltd. - This purveyor of fine weaponry, swords, armour, axes, shields, katanas, and more has a very interesting selection of movie replica arms and armour. Along with some very interesting replica Japanese helmets.

Little Trinkets - Cool and Original Jewelry from the U.K!

Sword Forum International - This excellent resource is dedicated to the art, forging, collecting, and practitionary use of swords of various cultures and time periods. This site is not to be missed!

Thak the Armourer - Amazing hand-forged armour, smithing and metal sculpture!

The Arador Armour Library - Another excellent resource for everything armour realated!

The Armour Archive - An absolutely terrific resource for information on the construction and history of all sorts of armour. Their armouring essays and patterns are well worth checking out!

The Armory - A great source of arms and armour. A well designed site with a wide diversity of armour and great pictures to boot! (You may also want to check out The Armory's Sister Site : American Martial Arts Supply

The Costume Source - Simply the best directory for costume related material on the 'net!

The South Tower Armourer's Guild - This is where I go when I need anything from a New Sword to some Fancy Armour. In fact, this is where I picked up the "Conan Zwei-Hander" that can be seen in some of the pictures in Here Be Monsters.

Valentine Armouries - Makers of simply amazing historically accurate and fantasy armour. (drooooolllllll)


Albedo ArtClothing - Some very cool and totally original clothing from the West Coast of Canada.

Artserve from The Australian National University - Art & Architecture mainly from the Mediterranean Basin, their server now contains some 130,000 images - about 48 gigabytes of material! Art Blog - A fun blog with tons of cool art links.

FallenLeaves Fine Art & Design - Another cool and original lady doing all sorts of funky creativity!

Iner Souster - A Canadian artist working out of the trendy Parkdale area of Toronto. Be sure to check out his excellent metalwork fashions and very cool illustrations.

Orazio Centaro's Art Images on the Web - A good place to look at online versions of famous art.

Sérgio Artigas - A good friend from Brasil that does totally fantastic fantasy illustrations!

The Artchive - Yet another resource for viewing online art.

The CGFA - Another superb site for looking at famous art online.

The Society for The Art of Imagination - An absolutely terrific website featuring fantastic realism, magick realism, surrealism and visionary art.

The Webmuseum - A great place to check out digital versions of famous art! (This link is to their main artist's index)

World Wide Art Resources - A huge directory of art related websites.

Wynlen - A very cool website talented Norwegian lady that features an excellent collection of modern fantasy art.

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