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Hiya, Bits here! So you want to know some more about the boss, eh?

Well, she grew up trotting around the globe as the daughter of an Air Force sergeant. After her father retired it seemed that Babs was destined for the settled life, but alas, you can take the adventure away from the enchantress, but you can't keep the enchantress away from the adventure.

BabSillyIt wasn't long before Babs was letting her imagination soar with all sorts of wild adventures! Then, one day, she decided to try out this new online world she'd heard so much about. Soon she was whizzing around the globe from the comfort of her own home.

Eventually she met my creator, the delicious Mr. Whyte, who decided that she could use a partner for her various cyber exploits. So he programmed me, B.I.T.S., the Basic Informationgathering Trinarylogic System. I'm an autonomous self-contained artificial intelligence that lives full time on the Internet. I spend most of my time keeping BabSpace safe and secure, as well as gathering little tidbits for Babs, and most importantly staying out of trouble! (Yeah, Right!)

Now, if I could just figure out how to take a byte out of that delicious...