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Well! It was quite a struggle but we finally managed to round up all those Rogues and Darlings we've been promising and just for fun we included some of our furry friends too...

Babs seems to have lots of friends and buddies and pals... but these are the ones she talks about the most... or perhaps they are the only ones that let her have a picture...

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Name: Cliff

AKA: Kastalimire

Class: Darling Rogue

Notes: One of the first people Babs met online, and the first net friend she met in reality. I know she considers him to be one of her best friends in both the net world and the real world. He is a great listener and an all round good guy, he also introduced her to some of the finer corners of Canada and most of the people in this gallery.

Cliff and James
Name: Cliff and James

Class: Being a Rogue is the family business

Notes: Here is our dear friend Cliff with his dad... It is unlikely you have ever met two finer rogues... We just love the picture not only because they are two of our favorite people... but it suits the subjects so well...

Name: Colin

AKA: THE Center of the Universe

Class: Worldclass Rogue

Notes: This unassuming rogue has a secret identity: Normally just a stone's throw away from Babs' front door, at the utterance of the special magic words "It's Soooo Tough Being Me" he becomes the amazing Super-Rogue! Globe-trotting savior of young virgins everywhere.

Name: Bryant

AKA: Bry

Class: Darling

Notes: In case you haven't figured it out, this is the net famous fellow that Babs worked with to create the fantasy world of Dreemlyn a few years back. Rumor has it Bry may have some new stories to add to FriendSpace soon.

Name: Stef

AKA: DesignLady

Class: Major Darling

Notes:Stefani lives in Texas, she and Babs have been online friends for about 3 years. They haven't gotten to meet yet but both are still hopeful they will eventually.

Personally I think all those golden curls are just part of what qualifies her for major darling status.

Name: Dinneane

AKA: FelitiousWolf

Class: Darling

Notes: A very special friend and though 1/2 Babs age they have many things in common. Recently they even got to attend a concert of one of their favorite singers together in Kitchener, Ontario. They love alot of the same movies, music, ice skaters... Oh and then there's Cliff... "D" is his lady

Name: Dylan

Class: Rogue in Training

Notes: This little blue eyed rogue is very special to Babs, he is Dinneane's son. Dylan just had his 4th birthday and loves Blue's Clues and flirting with the ladies by flashing his dimples.

Name: Trinity

Class: Diaper-clad Darling

Notes: Now there's a Darling if I ever saw one. She looks a lot like her daddy Cliff, but mommy Dinneane has some influence as well, check out those blue eyes.

This picture was taken in December when Trinity was just shy of 6 months old.

Name: Fuzzy

AKA: FuzzyWuzzy

Class: MeRower

Notes: This long haired beauty was brought to Babs as a 4 week old scraggly stray after being found in a dumpster 14 years ago. From that day forward the only thing she had to worry about was finding a way to protect herself from rambunctious puppy dogs. Hiding on a table among stuffed animals works pretty well.

Name: Sugar

AKA: SugarBear

Class: Howler

Notes: This sweetie loves to run from room to room while dinner is being fixed... and if you sing to her she will howl along. Sugar is 7 years old and often seems to think she is the Queen of the house.

Name: Paws

AKA: HoneyPaws

Class: Ankle Biter

Notes: Paws is the baby, just a year old and so tiny that about all she can reach easily are ankles. Her favorite thing to do is grab a hold of pant legs and try to catch a ride... invariably she gets an ankle from time to time.


Class: BabsBug

Notes: Babs calls it her freedom, Mr. Whyte calls it a chariot fit for a goddess. Everyone else calls her YUH HUH ! She even comes with her own menagerie crew of stuffed beasts! Soon to be the star of her own story, read all about the impact she has had on Babs life...

Mr. Whyte
Name: Mr. Whyte

AKA: Kusari Upatree

Class: Delicious

Notes: Hi, Babs here... Bits begged me to handle this one. Seems that our friend Dylon causes her to lose her focus or something... who would have thought a CyberDweller could become so enamoured of a human... but that of course must be the explanation...

Cliff introduced me to his friend Dylon online about 4 years ago. One of the highlights of my first visit to Canada was a ferry ride to Manitoulin Island so I could meet the "Delicious Mr. Whyte" in person. We have become very good friends over the years and I have been back to the island to visit several times. I even traveled to New Jersey a couple of years back to witness his nuptials.

Bits and I are quite appreciative to our gracious host and wonderful friend Dylon who has granted us the space to express ourselves.