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Hi! Welcome to BabSpace!

My name is Bits, that's me up there in the corner, I will be your guide as you journey through BabSpace. Always remember and never forget if you should become disoriented on your journey I am a safe link back to where you were.

Just what is BabSpace? Well, it's an unusual corner of cyberspace dedicated to my good friend Babs, along with some of her favorite things, such as :

Toys and Puzzles - Babs just loves twisting her friend's minds with toys and gadgets. In this section you'll find out about some of her favorite methods of torture and relaxation. Including the story of what convinced a 48 - year - old - driver's - seat - virgin to get behind the wheel of a 1999 Silver VW Beetle.

Intrigue, Mystery and Magic - Babs also loves to entertain her friends with a good yarn. In this section you'll discover several of her best short stories. Including tales of magical lands and shape-changing beasts some of which have been co-written with her buddy Bry.

Rogues and Darlings - You're probably wondering about all these friends that Babs has to entertain. Please come inside to view our Gallery.

HoneyBits - Babs is known for her wisdom and sayings, which she is always happy to pass on, along with some of her favorite of places to visit in Cyberspace and RealSpace as well.

Bios - By this point you're probably curious about the mysterious Babs, in this section you will learn a little bit about her. But, she insisted that I talk a little bit about myself as well.

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