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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Googlewhacking has become a bit of a passionate pursuit of late, here's a list of stacked whacks from the last 2 nights (With the first vowel of each work replaced with its "L33t" version to preserve the whack).

p@rticularisms s@ndwiches (and everyone thought I was a picky eater)

c0rnucopian t@blecloth (dinner with googlewhack addicted friends)

syst3mic s3squipedalianism (subroutine for agents from "The Matrix" addicted to whacking)

z0omorphic @rquebus (my new bunnycannon©)
s@tori pustul3 (zen and the art of acne repair)

p0stulation blund3rbusses (conspiracy minded and proud of it)

1rradiation h3llions (fresh from the post apocalyptic wastes)

w1gglers bl0whards (before)

bl0whards wrigglers (after)

und3monstrative g@lapagos (Darwin was sadly unable to prove his point)

sc0ffed t3ssellation (M.C. Escher's garbage pail)

0celot c@nnonades (kitties with howitzers)

drumf1re 0rchids (I love the smell of Cypripedium in the morning)

p0ssessive c3stodes (Ripley's best friends, Caduceus where are you now?)

posted by Kusari 9:45 PM

Re: New Pattern File Numbering Format

Dear Trend Micro,

It is with great sadness that I have noted that the so-called “NPF” is incompatible with the DOS virus scan, Scan.exe, which you last included (to my knowledge) with PC-Cillin 2000.

Up until this change, I employed scan.exe everyday in my business as a freelance computer repair technician and found it to be an invaluable tool.

You must understand that not every computer user chooses to employ your fine products and sometimes other anti-virus products fail to do their jobs, leaving the only salvation for corrupted or malfunctioning operating systems in a 3rd party DOS virus scan, such as was previously provided by scan.exe.

I do applaud the availability of such services as your online virus scan (Housecall), but again, systems infected by viruses, especially in an area where Internet services are limited to dial-up only cannot benefit from such tools.

Scan.exe is not only a viable solution on older DOS and Windows 9x systems, it is also quite useful when run from a command prompt inside NTFS partitioned Windows XP systems, if for nothing more than virus identification.

I urge you to reconsider your decision to no longer support scan.exe, it could not possibly take that much effort to update scan.exe to recognize the New Pattern Number Format and in the process not remove one of the most effective Virus clean up tools available to everyday computer technicians.

Thank you,

Dylon Whyte
Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada

posted by Kusari 9:33 PM

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